Scared of Sequins?

Does the sight of sequins instantly transport you to your grade six dance costume? Or does the thought of being covered in hundreds of shiny discs make your skin itch? Well today is the day to conquer your fear of sequins!

( Close up of "Sophia" by Studio White)

Sequins, particularly bridal sequins have come a long way. Disco ball glitz has given way to a pearly matte, making them more romantic than ever. Whether you opt for a belt, a bodice or a full sequined gown, you just can't go wrong!   

("Mae" by Studio White)

Our ivory sequins have a pearly finish for the bride seeking a little modern glam. For the less traditional, a blush or rose gold sequin can be the perfect twist, soft, shimmering and dreamy.

("Caitlyn" by Karen Willis Holmes)

Two things that sequins will forever love are tulle and pearls. Imagine... a glimmering bodice, a tulle skirt, just short enough to let the shoes peep out, all tied together with a pearl belt... or even a pearl strap! A crowning combination of whimsical, playful grace.

("Sophia" by Studio White)

Whether you go for a little sequin or a lot you'll fall in love with their subtle sophistication and elegance. Your wedding day is a day full of love and celebrations and who couldn't be smiling when they're wearing sequins??


Go and shimmer like the star you are!   X  X 

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